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Episode 57

A few decades ago Spartacus Afoyan nicknamed Godfather - / Kavor / (Levon Sharafyan) emigrated from the Soviet Armenia in the United States. Terrible secret past connects the Cross, his son, Dave, nicknamed Dev (Zorik ...) and three of his friends, the Lebanese Armenian Goko, nicknamed Vinci (Sarkis ...), the Iranian Armenian Andy (Vahe ...) and Armenians from Rostov named Growth (Arthur ...). All four of them are working under the leadership of Spartacus Kavora controlling one powerful oil company. The whole world belongs to them, with all its possibilities and pleasures. But the danger comes unexpectedly. The mighty of this world are also powerful enemies. Strokes are, from an unexpected quarter, love and betrayal, shootings and explosions, attacks and deep psychological scene, the circumstances are similar to despair, unsolvable problems and dilemmas ... But there is no hopeless situations while Kavor and four friends together. Nothing can ruin a friendship - it's actually true or just so it seems in the beginning?